Text Box:  June 25, 2002

Flying over Southampton Bay.  Took a lot of pictures, one of which is at right.

Week of June 12-16, 2001

Third year in a row.  (I believe this date is accurate.  The article I wrote was almost identical to the 2000 article, only stating that I’d seen pelicans in each of the last two years.  There most certainly was some activity around this date, as I saved a file called “white pelican - FAQ” on 6/24/01.)

Text Box:  Week of June 4-10, 2000

Second year in a row, sighted again over J Street.

July 1, 1999

Overhead on J Street, Benicia.  First time I saw them.  Called MS, she got out binoculars - Pelicans!  Wrote about them in Benicia Herald (MyFiles/AP Light On/990701.nws.wpd)