Text Box:  September 2, 2006 (12:25pm)

MS sighted 19 of them flying high in V formation, headed due north, located a bit north of our house.  MS was on the back porch and I was on the roof cleaning gutters.

August 24, 2006 (3:30pm)

5 floating over the mountains near Columbus Pkwy and Admiral Callahan in Vallejo.  We spotted them from the parking lot of Kohls.  Drove from there out on Rt. 37, but didn’t see any.

August 23, 2006 (4:10pm)

Approaching home in the car, MS saw them over West 7th St., Benicia, heading west in a huge V-shape.  She picked me up and we chased after them in the car, but they flew too fast, over the Southampton Bay and beyond, over the Glen Cove hills and out of sight.  This time, we estimated there was a flock of at least 21!  (I took 3 photos, pretty blurry, but they are visible.  A conservative count shows at least 28!)

August 23, 2006 (3:57pm)

After a looooong time of not seeing them, MS saw about 11 in flight over the Strait, east of the Benicia Bridge.  (She was northbound on the Bridge, saw them turning in the air off toward the “mothball fleet.”)

July 1, 2006 (1:55pm)

Seen from afar (I was driving west on I 780 at East 5th Street) two flocks of maybe 5 or 10 each, soaring over Southampton Bay or Glen Cove.  Even at this distance, their pelican-ness was unmistakeable!

June 26, 2006 (10:38am)

First sighting in 2006!  R & MS walking west on West J, happened to be talking about their absence this year, when suddenly we saw a huge flock wheeling over the 9th Street Park.  We watched from the park, as two separate flocks, one of 17 and another of 22 members, soared overhead.  The two flocks crossed paths several times, then one went west over Southampton Bay and the other went east over Benicia town.  We spoke to a Benicia resident also out for a walk, Jerry Page, who said he had seen them the day before (June 25, 2006).

June 18, 2006 (1:42pm)

Text Box:  We have been watching almost daily since April, and have not seen ANY pelicans in Benicia!  Nor in Vallejo!  We were at the Benicia State Park today and we did see a pair of large White Tailed Kites floating and circling over Southampton Bay.

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