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My Pledge to You... 

  • Take my responsibilities seriously, and treat all members of the community with respect.
  • Base my decisions on the interests of the residents of Solano County, not the interests of big campaign contributors.
  • Listen to you and respect your views, and work with you in the community to build a better Solano County.
  • Follow the same rules and regulations that county employees are expected to follow.
  • Keep regular office hours, so citizens can meet with me and express their views.
  • When controversial issues arise, hold town hall meetings that are convenient for those who are concerned.
  • Be fiscally responsible and make wise financial decisions, to improve transportation, health care, education, public safety, and the economy.

County government
should serve the people.

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Linda Seifert for Supervisor

Friends and neighbors ...

I expect to be an advocate for each and every person in the district—ready to listen, ready to learn, and ready to lead. I look forward to fulfilling my promise to voters—to be a supervisor on YOUR side.

Once more, thank you to everyone in District 2 for your support and confidence.

Supervisor Linda Seifert
District 2 Solano County



We had a significant debt at the end of our campaign.
Your contribution is needed and welcome!
Thanks, ~ Friends of Linda Seifert ~

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Do you live in Solano County District 2?

Solano County Supervisor Districts

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