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A Supervisor on your side

We Did It:
Seifert 63%
Silva 37%!

   Linda Seifert   8,178 *
   John Silva       4,776 *
* Update based on 6/9 posting by County Registrar,
includes absentee and provisional ballots.

Source: Solano County Registrar

For our own analysis of the vote,
and precinct-by-precinct results,
click here.


June 4, 2006

Dear friends:

I could not let the day after a resoundingly successful campaign pass without thanking the many people that contributed to the success of the Seifert for Supervisor campaign.

I am truly overwhelmed by the support I witnessed from those who committed their time and their energy to walk precincts, make telephone calls, write letters to the editor, host events in their homes, generously contribute to my campaign, graciously welcome me at their doors and talk to me over the phone. Most of all I thank each and every person who exercised their right to vote and supported my candidacy in this contested race for District 2 Supervisor. The victory is very tangible and significant evidence that the campaign’s message of change resonated with the citizens in our community.

I want to thank John Silva, my worthy opponent, his family and his supporters for a spirited campaign. I know that Mr. Silva is a person who cares about his community and I hope that he will recognize the mandate of the voters and continue to work on behalf of all of us during the remainder of his term.

I hope that District 2 has come to know me as a result of this campaign. I am a passionate advocate for education and for the children and seniors in our community. I am adamant that we do all we can to preserve and protect our rural and agricultural resources for our children and our grandchildren. I have said throughout the campaign and reiterate here that I will be accessible to the voters, listen to their concerns and that I will vote in the interest of our community.

During the next six months before I take office, I plan to continue my preparation for office by being present in the community, welcoming the views, ideas and suggestions of our citizens. My “formal” education meeting with community leaders and county staff will continue. I also intend to closely follow Board of Supervisors meetings ensuring that our county leaders act consistent with the message that the voters in District 2 delivered in this election.

I expect to be an advocate for each and every person in the district—ready to listen, ready to learn, and ready to lead. I look forward to fulfilling my promise to voters—to be a supervisor on YOUR side.

Once more, thank you to everyone in District 2 for your support and confidence.

Linda Seifert
District 2 Solano County Supervisor Elect


Local government should be on your side.

The current majority on our Board of Supervisors is not serving you and is out of touch with the citizens of our county.

We have serious problems to address in Solano County, from economic uncertainty and substandard education, to traffic gridlock and the threat of out of control development. On issue after issue, the Board of Supervisors just isn’t doing its job. Linda Seifert is running for the Solano County Supervisors District 2 seat because she wants to change that.

You deserve a Supervisor on your side, who will foster open, accessible and accountable government, and prioritize citizens’ needs above the needs of the special interests, to solve our growing concerns.

Truth Response ...

Truth Response

Recent campaign ads have been less than truthful.
Click here to keep an eye on attack ads and misinformation.

Linda Seifert for Supervisor


Dwight Acey
Shirley Albertson
Alma Lee Alexander
Charlene Archibald
Harold Archibald
Jack Batson
Zenobia (Zee) Benedict
Carol Berman
Robert Berman
Sarah Besarra
Harold Beaulieu
Constance Beutel
Kathy Blume
Molly Boggs
Jane Bogner
Lou Bordisso
Nora Boschee
Rod Boschee
Kay Bosick
Barbara Bosworth
Gary Boudreaux
Mary Boudreaux
Claire Boyd
William Boyd
James Braxton
Mark Brown
Marti Brown
Monica Brown
Margaret Buchanan
Nicole Brown
Diana Browning
Bunny Callahan
David Callahan
Heather Campbell
John Campbell
Tom Campbell
Cathy Canaday
Frank Carges
Tamara Carges
Kerry Carney, DDS
Michael Castell
Dorothy "Diji" Christian
Jeffrey Chubb
Ann Cisneros
David Clarke
Dan Clarke
Dyanne Clarke
Pauline Clancy
Gary Cloutier
Sam Cochran
David Corbett
Roger Corda
Ruth Corda
Erin Cox
Ken Cox
Jan Cox Golovich
Bonnie Dailey
Tom Dailey
J B Davis
Harold De Luca
Lory Decker
Mary Dee
Lou Delgado
Richard Diamond
J. Roger Dierkhising
Dan Dixon
Kathy Dixon
Victor Dodge
Gene Doherty
Laura Dorais
Arthur Dugoni, DDS
Steve Eberhard
Jim Edman
Marge Edman
Charles Elliott
Denise Elliott
Caroline Elvrum
Fain Ent
David Ernst
Barbara Everingham
Carolyn Fallon
Joel Fallon
Mimi Farone
Roddy Feldman, DDS
Joesph Feller
Katie Ferrick
Jorg Fleige
Mimi Fleige
Deanna Marie Forbes
Gerry Forcier
Susie Foreman
Norma Fox
Pamela Frame
Thomas Frame
Tonia Freidman
Manuel (Manny) Furtado
Gregory Gazaway
Art Geis, Ph.D.
Sharon Geis
Barbara Gillespie
Craig Gillespie, MD
Joel Gillespie, DDS
Dan Glaze
Rose Marie Glaze
Kirk Gleason, DDS
Dale Gleason
Stephanie Gomes
Jeffrey Graves, DDS
Max Green
Alice Grill
Hank Grill
Cliff Hansen
Pat Hansen
Robin Hansen
Suzanne Harrington-Cole
Dorothy Hawkes
Jerry Hayes
Maryellen Hayes
Debbie Hayward
Tim Heney
Jan Hewitt
Judith Hilburg
Kathy Hoffman
Richard Hoffman
Flo Hoffman
Denis Honeychurch
Irma Horan
Thom Howard
Herbert Hughes
Kashy Hull
Frank Hull, MD
Charles Imperatori
Sandra Imperatori
Darrel Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Susan Johnson
Donald Jordan
Sheila Kanne
Jim Kanne
Pam Keith
Doris Klein
Constance Klemme
Meade Klemme
Bob Klemmedson
Dorothy Klemmedson
Barbara Kondylis
Grant Kreinberg
Duane Kromm
Eva Laevastu
Barbara Lane
Robin Leong
Roberta Logan
Don Lowrie
Nancy Lund
Linda Lux
Mary Magill
Suezane Malekian
Zaven Malekian
Christina March
David Marianno
Kathy Marianno
Beebe Martinelli
Kate Martinelli
Richard Martinez
Mary Ann May
Mary Mayben
William Mayben
John and Leslie McBride
Paula McConnell
Robert McConnell
Francis Mc Cullogh
Joana McIlvery
Gloria McManigal
Ann Meeter
Joyce Michelson
Merilee Miller-Decker
Doris Mize
Frank Mize
Karl Molin, MD
Sharon Molin
Connie Monnet
John Monnet
Franklin Morris
Lupe Morgan
Rick Morgan
Lane Morrison
Linda Morrison
John Nelson
Nancy Nelson
Elaine Norinsky
Gail Minogue O'Neal
Robert Ogan
Belle Orpilla
Jerome Page
Anes Partridge
Elizabeth Patterson
Marcia Paxton
Jeanne Payne
Alan Plutchok, MD
Alice Plutchok
Gregory Peterson
Sharon Peterson
Judy Potter
Patricia Potter
Stephen Powers
Doris Procter
Joy Quarry
Wendall Quigley
Pat Renfro
Catherine Ritch
Terry Rogers
Neal Roth, DDS
Donnell Rubay
Linda Russum
Robert Russum, DVM
Leticia Salas-Padilla
Joyce Scharf
Jeri Schechtman
Marvin Schechtman
Pamela Schemke
James Schemke, DDS
Brian Scott, DDS
Patricia Shamansky
Bob Sherman
Corrine Sherman
Joanne Shivley
Betty Silva
Cindy Silva
Ray Silva
Tom Silva
Matthew Silverman
Belinda Smith
Lee Wilder Snider
Julie Stratton
Roger Straw
Brent Street
Susan Street
Judith Sullivan
Sam Sullivan
Rose Switzer
John Talbot
Irving Teranishi
Joe Thomas
Rosemary Thursdon
Donald Tipton
Emma Tipton
Carol Tranter
Pearl Jones Tranter
Jeanne Twitchell
Keith Twitchell
Mary Van Buskirk
Vern Van Buskirk
Jon Van Landschoot
Kathy Van Velsor
Calvin Vickery
Bryant Washburne
Adrienne Waterman
Bonnie Weidel
David White, DDS
Sid Whiting
Mary Gay Whiting
Sue Wickham
John Williams
Yolanda Wallace
Natalie Woodard
Kay Woodson
Burky Worel
Eileen Wray
Mike Wray
Jean Yates
Sabina Yates
Sunni G. Yoon, DDS
Marie Young
Jeff Zinkin
Larry Zinkin

...and we apologize in advance for any whose names we missed...




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