Sacred Run 2006

Sacred Run 2006 is complete -
thanks for your support!

Alcatraz to the Lincoln Memorial
by way of New Orleans - 4,329 miles on foot!

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News Release
April 19 , 2006


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Sacred Run
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Sacred Run gasoline - $3/gallon!
Sad news - the Run did not have enough to pay its final bills.
Gas costs skyrocketed, & other unexpected costs were high.
Please help!
$5, $50, $500 - whatever you can give will help!

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How to j
oin us
on the Run

Because we are receiving a tremendous amount of requests to assist the Run, we are welcoming and allowing new runners and walkers to join us. But you must provide your own transportation and be financially independent. No drugs, alcohol or weapons. If you are on prescription drugs, we must know what it is and what it is for. Check out our Route and Schedule, and write us an email to let us know when you will join us, where, and for how long.


Message from
Dennis Banks

      With so much violence happening at all levels, and so many killings happening in Iraq, it's time we look at these events as wake-up calls for all of us to answer.
      In 1978 we took up the challenge to run for our life and run for the planet we call Mother Earth. Now 27 years later we still run and have kept running in different countries to bring awareness to our responsibility to live in harmony with Mother Earth. Please join us as we run this course again.

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Run information: check back often on SACREDRUN.ORG - or phone our
 Run Information line: 415.258.4844


Sacred Runners, by Michael Horse

Sacred Run Poster, Art by Michael Horse - with our thanks!

Daily reports and photos from all 10 weeks!

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Run info: Right here on SACREDRUN.ORG - check back often!
or phone our Run Information line: 415.258.4844

Dennis Banks ..

.. is leading Sacred Run 2006, much like the great Longest Walk of 1978, crossing the entire United States from coast to coast.

Sacred Run 2006 began with RedHot Promotions' Benefit Concert on Friday, February 10, 2006.

Runners left on February 11, 2006 after early morning ceremonies on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, and arrived in Washington D.C. on Earth Day, April 22, 2006.


We need sponsors!
You can sponsor a runner for a mile or a thousand miles,
or make a donation to help buy gasoline, water, food, first aid supplies, etc.
Also needed:
Concert Sponsors.
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New Concert
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Sacred Run 2006 is over, and everyone has headed for home, or for the next peace walk.

In the next few weeks, expect major changes here:

  1. I will create an extensive archive, preserving almost everything about SR2006.
  2. Sacred runners and walkers may send me additional materials. Pictures and reflections that come in after the Run will be posted in a new section called "Postscript."
  3. Upcoming Events will become more prominent. We will keep you informed about future Sacred Runs and other related events. Please send me your information!
  4. The run coincided almost exactly with the escalating cost of gasoline during February, March and April. Please help us finish paying our bills!

Sacred Run 2006 was a great experience for me. I take this opportunity to thank Dennis Banks, the runners and walkers, our hosts along the road, and all of you online readers and contributors, for including me and allowing me to serve. Land, Life and Peace!

~ Websteward Roger Straw
April, 2006

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Dennis Banks - 2006 02 16 in Parker, Arizona
Dennis Banks
speaking about
Sacred Run 2006

Radio interviews
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Dennis' CD,
Still Strong
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Sacred Run needs your help with unexpectedly high gas costs !

First plans for
Sacred Run 2008

Plan now to participate!

Sacred Run Documentary
C*ReAL Films
is shooting the entire Sacred Run event,  from the Benefit Concert in San Francisco
to the arrival in Washington DC.

For more info go to:

The San Francisco
Benefit Concert
The Sacred Run Artists

Thanks Everyone!
And a few pictures...

Special thanks for many of our Sacred Run graphics to
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The Great Anishinabe Canoe Race 2006
Yamamoto Cup, Federal Dam, MN, Leech Lake, Chippewa Reservation, July 17-21, 2006. Camp Director Dennis Banks. Canoe-making, Drum-making, Hand Drum, Floor Drum, Beginning Ojibwa, Talking Circles, Day Break Ceremony, Sweat Lodge. July 22 and 23, 2006 - Canoe Race. For more information contact Dennis Banks.
The Great Anishinabe Canoe Race is held in conjunction with the 16th Annual Int'l Youth & Elders Cultural Gathering, Internation Prayer Vigil for the Earth, Gathering of the Sacred Pipes Sundance , Sacred Pipestone Quarries, Pipestone, MN, July 7-16, 2006 ( - click on "Special Events Calendar")