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Thank you to our sponsor - The United Church of Christ Building & Loan Fund


As congregations we have a big opportunity to substantially reduce our collective carbon output. The bigger the building, the more energy savings can be found. By actively “greening” our buildings, we can not only reduce our carbon output and save money, but we will be a witness to our neighbors.

Tune in to Turning Off Drive Earth Smart The Sky’s Limits Turn it Down to Step it Up Garden of Eatin’ Trash is NOT Treasure Choose Heavenly Light bulbs Tune in to Turning Off Salvation in the Bathroom Keep it Cool – Keep it Hot Up on The Roof Put Your “Green” in Green Soaring with Solar Garden of DeLight Planting the Tree of Life

Click on the fruit above to learn great greening ideas. See if you have already achieved the “low hanging fruit”, then click up into the “middle branches and/or go right for top for the “crowning achievements”.