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The average American uses enough energy each year to release 50,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide, the major contributor to global warming. By increasing energy efficiency in your home and changing a few high-energy habits, everyone can help the earth, save money and decrease our dependence on foreign oil. Here you’ll find links to some great sites and downloadable tools to help you reduce your own carbon footprint and help your friends and neighbors do the same.



The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Use these energy audit calculators to begin your journey to a green future. As you will see, this is a doable diet and we all benefit.

Environmental Protection Agency
A good place to start:

Low Carbon Diet
A useful online tool with a companion book to calculate your CO2 and start your carbon diet (see the Low Carbon Diet book below):

Home Energy Saver
Great place to start “greening” your home by using this web-based home energy audit tool.

U.S. Green Building Council
For more contruction based guidelines on how to green your home, here are resources for LEED certification. Check out Green Building 101 as a good place to start.

National Geographic’s Cool Home Energy Audit Tool
Is your house a green dream or an energy nightmare? Find out when you step inside our interactive "green" house and take your energy I.Q.


A step by step plan to green your own life and house. It also includes ways to “activate” within your community and organizations.

Low Carbon Diet – A 30 Day Program to Loose 5000 Pounds
Find this book at www.empowermentinstitute.net

More to come - check back again soon!