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Faith communities throughout the world are discovering the many benefits of cutting their energy use and carbon output. Here are a few stories of programs congregations have used to raise awareness and begin the process of greening their buildings. Click below to share your ideas and we’ll post them below and spread the word!


Sharing our ideas ....

Story 1 = The “Carbon Anonymous” group at First Congregational, UCC, Berkeley, CA meets regularly to trade ideas and stories about their greening projects. They recently hosted a “100-mile Potluck” with foods grown within 100 miles of the church.

Story 2 = Foothills UCC, Los Altos, CA hosted “hybridize your thinking” Sunday providing test rides and “under the hood” tours of members’ hybrid cars. The youth of the church got involved by checking tire pressures and inflating tires appropriately.

Story 3 = At Camp Cazadero in the woods of Northern California, seminary intern Judith Holloway led an intergenerational retreat for Orinda Community, UCC, Orinda, CA where Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” was shown. Afterward, the children were handed digital cameras and invited to “take pictures of things that interest you”. They took hundreds of photos of trees next to power lines and garbage next to a creek. The photos were then used to prompt stories of how each one could become a better steward of the Earth.

Send your stories to us!  Send to: info@churchesgogreen.org